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I am a lecturer (US - assistant professor) at the department of political studies in Bar-Ilan Univeristy, Israel. 

My main research interests include understanding what states are talking about. I engage with the constructivist IR theory, community theory, phenomenology and international discourse. I use and apply computerized and automated methods of text and discourse analysis.

My PhD (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2016) explored the interplay of globalization and international discourse in the UNGA, G7-8 and UNCTAD.  My post-doctoral research in the joint post-doctoral program of the Freie Universität Berlin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2015-2017), studied the discursive construction of the concept of international community. 

In my "regular" life, my main personal interests include moving around the world, standing on my head, eating good food and drinking plenty of coffee.

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